Adult FriendFinder's Food Porn Contest Finalists!

With photos this hot, we’re going to remember to always play with our food! Here are the Top Ten Finalists in Adult FriendFinder’s Food Porn Contest!


Real People, Real Sex, Real Stories

Every day, thousands of sizzling Adult FriendFinder members are hooking up with like-minded, attractive, and passionate people. Meet pandjwant2play, a naughty couple from Salem, Oregon, who share with us their story:

We both met on here after getting out of very restrictive marriages. We were each others first date. The premises of meeting someone on here and starting a ralationship with such open lines of communication is something that we both had never known about, but really desired. It’s been three and a half years know and we are happily married in a marraige that all our vanilla friends cannot understand how happy we are.

We had a child that we both really wanted and we got through a deployment to Iraq. The other couples that we have met on here have been amazing lovers and even better friends. Our social life has really begun to revolve around Adult FriendFinder. buy cheap clomid Not just for the lovers, but for the like minded people. Adult FriendFinder has really helped us express ourselves and us as a couple.


Thank you,

Julie & Pau

Advice On How To Hook Up On AFF For the Boys

Some awesome advice on how to successfully connect with women on Adult FriendFinder from member shaved4sex.

Although it took a few months to find a nice lady to hook up with, I’m here to tell you that if you keep a good attitude and don’t be rude or too crude (depending on who you are talking to) and do like they suggest here on the bonus activity and the chances you’ll meet at least one hook up or more will definitely increase with every positive entry and interaction. So don’t give up, and send out nice positive communications without being too desperate or too macho and you’ll meet sooner than later.

Keep an eye on your cupid report, and do browse the ‘Members near you’ page frequently because you might see someone before they get a million e-mails and contact her/him/them first and get lucky that way. And don’t trip if they don’t write back…everyone gets the cold shoulder a bunch of times before hitting on a match. Don’t get mad or send insulting emails …only losers do that. Just move on and be friendly and you’ll attract someone soon enough…Have Fun!

Hot Hookups Every Day!

Every day, thousands of sizzling Adult FriendFinder members are hooking up with like-minded, hot, and naughty people! Meet cplluvr69, “interested in meeting women and couples and expanding my sexual horizons.” He writes:

WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures – and of course, use my brain (LOL) – to make a good profile, I was able to really impress couples as well as single women. The rest was history.

Adult FriendFinder is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over!”

We also love hearing from our beautiful members! Got your own Adult FriendFinder inspired X-rated fairytale? Share your own story with us!

Real Member Stories: Pinktaco315

With over 30 million members worldwide, it’s no surprise that our sexy members are finding success on Adult FriendFinder every day! Meet pinktaco315. She was looking for NSA sex, and ended up finding the love of her life!

“Next month I will be marrying the love of my life… who I happened to meet off of Adult Friend Finder.  I was browsing profiles and came across his and it took my breath away.

Unfortunately, he was over an hour away from me, but I took a chance and wrote him anyway. The original plan was just to meet for a causal hook up, no strings attached.  Well five years later we are still going strong and planning our wedding!  Who knew that I would have found love on AFF? But it does and can happen!  Thanks for leading me to love and happiness Adult FriendFinder!”

Sexxynfun Share Their AFF Story

Today, Adult FriendFinder members share how they went from their individual accounts, sexybiker24 and thisgirlforfun–to  their current couple’s account, sexxynfun

In March of 2007, I decided to relocate to California from Arkansas. I was a gold member on AFF with the handle ‘sexy biker 24’ and it was about 6 months before my move and decided it would be great to meet some ladies in my soon to be new home. The day I searched the first profile that came up was ‘this girl for fun.’ She was very attractive, that was what caught my eye first. I read her profile and thought she was a class or two over me, we were a perfect match according to AFF, except the distance, however I continued to search.

I sent letters to four or five other ladies, as I was signing off I looked at ‘this girl for fun’ profile one more time and thought what the hell, so I sent her an email. The next day I had only one reply and it was ‘this girl for fun’! We began communicating by e-mail. We got to know each other’s sexual desires as well as each other’s families and careers.

She was a VP and I thought way out of my league. Then after a few weeks of writing, we decided on the same night we wanted to hear each other’s voice so I called her. It was then we knew we had to meet, so I arranged for her to fly to Arkansas and meet. We hit it off almost immediately, there was a moment or two at the airport with the feeling of uh-oh what have I done. We spent an enchanting four days together, wrapped in an erotic fantasy that was out of this world. I had planned on showing her the sites of NW Arkansas, but we went one place and then spent the next three and a half days in bed.

When I moved to California in August we continued to spend a lot of time together. She was my tour guide, which is what I said I wanted in my letters. In November we moved in together and then in 2009 we got married on the beach. We make love every day, and twice on Sundays. We are a sexual match, she is erotic and sensual in every way you can imagine, she is my soul mate. We are expanding our canadian healthcare viagra eroticism by meeting other couples on AFF. Looking to expand our already fanfuckingtastic sex life. We enjoy telling friends how we met, right away they think it was a vanilla dating site, we like seeing their facial expressions when we tell them it was Thank you AFF for allowing us to meet from 1700 miles away! Mike & Kim

Real Members — Real Hookups

Today we meet ClubSexyCool, as they share how they became a couple after meeting on Adult FriendFinder; and later, their emergence as one of the hottest swinger’s groups on the site!

Where to start with our AFF experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place. Eight years ago she was WetWildandHot75 and I was Ohhhhhhhhyeaa. I was browsing through the PA/TriState chat room talking to friends when she suddenly popped in to the room. I sent her an IM and we began chatting. After chatting a few times in the chat room we decided to finally meet each other. She came to see the band play that weekend and we had an awesome erotic time. It was great to already know that we were 100% compatible sexually before we even met.

Soon after we mexican viagra changed our screen name to SexyCoolToy and began to really get into the AFF webcams along with taking and posting erotic pictures on AFF. We also started to host the ClubSexyCool swinger’s parties together in the area and changed our name to be more identifiable. This last year we got married Huge Swingers Steelers Yacht Wedding party in Baltimore with all of our Sexy AFF friends! What a great time! The lesson is to never give up on here! You never know when you’re going to get lucky! It took me two years looking and she finally ‘Popped.’


Member Success Stories: bella_vici

Today we meet bella_vici, a sexy, fun loving couple from Alberta, Canada. 1/2 of bella_vici shares his experience using Adult FriendFinder… which includes meeting his hot wife! The two now share a profile, and engage in steamy, erotic encounters as one. Another example of the adage, couples who play together stay together!

I’ve been a member since 2005. I’ve been able to meet some of the coolest, freakiest people, and I was able to find my wife on the site as well…

This is the best relationship I’ve been in because we share so much in common. I look forward to continued years of membership and fun!!! Thanks Adult FriendFinder!

Member Success Stories: synderella

You already know that Adult FriendFinder is a veritable playground of hot singles looking to hook up. How about we introduce you to today’s featured member, synderella, as she shares with us her success with using the site:

I came here to make friends with benefits all around the UK in places I love.. but you can’t live everywhere at once! I’ve done this and the list is still growing.

Everyone I’ve met will be a lifetime friend. There are some pretty special people on this site :)


Member Success Stories: CumXXXcouple

We hooked up with an absolutely wonderful couple just 16 days after signing up. (We would have met sooner, except for our schedules.) They were both sooo sexy and it was our first time playing with another couple, they made us feel right at home… We came in, and made small talk for a while.. then the girls started petting… next thing you know.. shirts were off.. then everyone was naked.

It was a VERY steamy night… we did things you only see in XXX movies… it was AMAZING!

I think what really made it work for us was that we e-mailed them a few times to talk about the kinks we had in common.. what we might all enjoy doing together… Then we called them on the phone to set the date. We talked for about 45 min so we all were very comfortable. And we set a date for that weekend.

Our advise for any couples out there looking for their first couple experience is to talk to your partner first.. get clear on what you two are looking for and where your boundaries are for your first time. Remember you can always do more next time… but you can’t take it back… So go slow.. you both want to make sure there IS a NEXT TIME.

And equally important you need to talk with the couple you’re meeting to make sure that they understand where you’re at that first time, and that you know what they expect.

It’s really all about expectations… if Everyone knows what to expect you’ll ALL have a great time.

Have fun!
xoxoxo – CumXXXCouple

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